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Ubuntu on the eeePC

10th June 2008

So I recently convinced myself to buy a little ASUS eeePc as my entry into the world of laptop computing. I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to PC's, I think they should look like they've been lifted straight out of a 70's lab scenario and sound similar to a harrier jump jet, but for some reason the eeePC really appeals to me.

Basically its small and cheap enough to chuck it in my Jack Bauer man bag with all my other band gubbins and its clever enough to be able to borrow all the unsecured wifi juice I can find (not that I condone that kind of thing).

After around 30 seconds It was apparent that the fun skool 3 esque Xandros distro wasn't going to give me everything that I wanted, although I'm sure it will be perfect for kids and anyone who just wants a portable internet hot pipe.

I read up quite a lot on this first and found this to be the most complete and accurate tutorial:

It took me about an hour an now I have a lovely little ubuntu box. Some people have had bother with the madwifi drivers I found the forums at eeepcuser quite useful even if they are a bit out of date sometimes.

Rock on.

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