Northern Rock

Screenshot of the Northern Rock Ireland homepage


Whilst at TH_NK I was responsible for the day to day running of the Northern Rock brochureware account which involved working directly with clients on several large maintenance and development contracts.

As project lead I took a hands on approach and in addition, managing ongoing change and functional requirements capture.


The portfolio of sites used a range of technologies including Classic ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, Flash and XHTML and CSS.

Due to the nature of the business, accuracy and timely delivery were key to the successful day to day running of the account. In addition to this, all development work needed to adhere to strict brand and financial regulatory guidelines.


  • Management of several maintenance contracts at once
  • Responsibility for managing a team of developers
  • Working closely with the client
  • Handling a wide range of technologies
  • Working with a set of existing client components



Screenshot of the imagine homepage


The IMAGINE site is the online collections database of Tyne & Wear Museums.

The site reflects the organisation's inclusive policy and is one of a small number of sites to include British Sign Language introductions.


This site was designed and developed to exacting UK government e-GIF standards using PHP, Flash and valid XHTML and CSS.

The site uses a custom developed back end MySQL database and import system to extract data from the museums MODES database system. It has many innovative ways to browse, search and explore the museums' collections including a search by drawing.

The site has a high level of accessibility and was technically commended for this in the Museums Computer Group, 2005 Jodie Mattes Awards.

IMAGINE was awarded winner for Tyneside and Northumberland in the Internet category the 2005 North East business awards.


  • Server side image zoom
  • Fully indexed search engine
  • Sketch search system
  • Image comparison engine
  • Flash adventures to encourage younger visitors



Screenshot of the Fishery Commission homepage


thefisherycommission.com is the main online presence of a Newcastle based electronic music duo of which I am part.


The main purpose of the site is to promote our music and keep visitors informed.

A custom built streaming mp3 player written in flash allows visitors to listen to our music in their browser. Visitors can also join the customised mailing list to stay in the loop.


  • Streaming mp3 player with ID3 support
  • Customised Spam safe mailing list.


Tyne & Wear Museums Schools

The TWM schools homepage


The Tyne & Wear Museums Schools site was designed to provide teachers with greater access to its collections, resources, events and workshops.


As a pilot for the main Tyne & Wear Museums website redesign, the Schools site runs entirely from a custom designed MySql content management and administration system. This system allows specialist staff to update their own area of the website without having any web development skills.

The site contains search and filter facilities that allow teachers to search for resources that are relevant to the classes they teach, using categories linked to the National Curriculum.


  • Curriculum based resource search
  • Flexible content administration system


Art Online / Discovering Bewick

A details page from Art Online


The Art Online and Discovering Bewick Sites were created to increase the amount of Tyne & Wear Museums' collections online.


Although the sites have different subject matters, a common structure was developed to suit both projects. Information was extracted from the Museums MODES database and styled using CSS. Again, both sites comply with Government standards on accessibility and markup.


  • Session based styling gives the sites several themes
  • Powerful search system


In brief:

Services on offer include:

  • Site design and build
  • Accessibility auditing
  • Web analyitics and reporting
  • Requirements capture and analysis
  • Adobe Flash
  • SEO
  • JavaScript and progressive enhancement